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Automotive Application—Desktop Metal

Being on the forefront of testing emerging additive technologies for prototyping and production applications is part of FATHOM’s mission to change the way products are designed, prototyped, and manufactured—in this featured Q&A, Applications Engineering Manager Tony Slavik and his team explore the practical use of its in-house Studio System by Desktop Metal, a lower barrier-of-entry…

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FATHOM + GoEngineer Partnership

FATHOM Creates Largest Privately Held Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem Thru Transformative Partnership with GoEngineer—Working Together to Drive Real Industry Change & Further Promote the Adoption of Additive Technologies Oakland, California—August 27, 2018—FATHOM, an advanced manufacturer with an expertise in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, announced it has formed a strategic partnership with GoEngineer that builds on…

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Editorial on Additive Technologies

The FATHOM team recently worked with Design World Editor Leslie Langnau to explore the opportunity with direct digital manufacturing. While additive manufacturing (AM) has mostly been used as a prototyping tool, in the past five years it has matured as a means of enhancing multiple stages of the product development process, including the production of…

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“Partnering for Success” with LLNL

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) recently hosted an “Advanced Manufacturing—Partnering for Success” workshop that featured LLNL’s leading scientists and engineers. Speakers included Patrick Dempsey, Dr. Anantha Krishnan, Dr. Charles Verdon, and Dr. Christopher Spadaccini (view all speakers). The event highlighted the ongoing research at LLNL and how partnerships can lead to mutual success. LLNL had recently announced that…

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Enlisted’s Designer Pinewood Derby

This year, FATHOM has teamed up with Enlisted Design for San Francisco Design Week. We are sponsoring Enlisted for their first annual Designer Pinewood Derby. The race is open to design studios and individual entrants. Attendees must provide their own car for the event. Enlisted will officiate the event and provide a new aluminum racetrack!…

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PEKK—Frequently Asked Questions

Just last year, the FATHOM production team began offering carbon-filled Nylon 12 to meet an increasing demand for high-performing additive material options—and recently, we’ve added another! Our additive manufacturing service customers’ can also choose PEKK from our wide range of FDM materials. In this featured blog post, Applications Engineer Kaitlyn Bailey answers the most frequently asked questions about this…

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