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Engineering & Design


The FATHOM team includes a [need to identify ourselves] who can be contracted to support a company’s in-house designers and engineers throughout prototyping and production phases of product development. Our experts work closely with teams who have defined a product concept [more specific] and are ready to develop their design—go from digital files to prototypes to manufacturing in ways that [do what—fill in the blank—give me a quantifiable result people can expect].

  • [all points to be reviewed—pulled from past DE presentations and drafted write-ups]
  • Compress Timelines & Lower Total Cost of Development By Speeding Up Prototyping & Production
  • Direct Access to Experts Specializing in Additive Technologies & Enhanced Traditional Manufacturing
  • Leverage Our Hybridized Manufacturing Expertise to Solve Unique & Highly Complex Challenges (Blending Additive, Subtractive, Formative)
  • In-House Industrial Designers & Mechanical Engineers at FATHOM + Advanced Project Management Support
  • Bundle Services (FATHOM is a Single-Source Solution—Products, Services, Consultation, Training, Etc.)
  • CAD & Simulation Support + Guidance for DFM/DFAM, Topology Optimization, Generative Design, Lattice Structures
  • Multidisciplinary Team is Flexible & Can Be Plugged Into Development Where Needed
  • Preferred Access to Industrial Equipment On-Site—Additive, Subtractive, Formative
  • [one sentence that is specific to what “we don’t do”] **helps differentiate from design firms

FATHOM is pushing the limits of manufacturing [how?] for industry-leading companies [more specifically who] who demand [what? up to three demands]. It is our technology agnostic approach [or technology neutral approach], dynamic resources, passionate experts, manufacturing agility, and [what else] that helps companies [do what? be super specific about the results we promise].


[this paragraph is placeholder—need a statement that supports the headline above]Whether manufactured traditionally, additively, or a hybrid of both, FATHOM’s [descriptor] approach enables companies to generate better products with greater functionality [what do we mean?]. FATHOM experts will make it happen, no matter how challenging or unmakeable a design may seem [is that true?]. The team helps companies figure out what technologies, materials, and processes ensure the best results [what kind of results] without compromising design intent—from testing aesthetics, form, fit, and function to producing end-use parts like assembly fixtures or finished goods [anything to add or edit?].

[table needs to include specifics about what we offer—placeholders]

Includes Traditional & Advanced Manufacturing, Process Research, Production Issue Characterization & Corrective Action, Assembly Test & Fixture Design
[+ Much More? Less? Edit these]
Includes Light Weighting, Topology Optimization, Latticing, Parametric Art & Sculpture, Advanced Fabrication & Assembly Design
[+ Much More? Less? Edit these]
Includes Technology/Process/Material Guidance, Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM), Direct Digital Manufacturing Deployment, Assessing Concept Feasibility for Manufacturing & Economy
[+ Much More? Less? Edit these]

A company’s need for total design freedom and faster speeds in their product development and manufacturing processes is the base of everything FATHOM focuses on. To get learn more about how FATHOM experts can help, talk with a FATHOM specialist about your project today.


Quote Request [this can be a digital form to fill out or a pdf—we need an application datasheet someone can fill out to better qualify lead requests—have samples we can refer to as examples] Download Pdf
Service Brochure [this needs to be a one-pager for download that summarizes everything on this page] Download Pdf
FATHOM Overview Advanced Manufacturing Experts—Services Also Include 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Urethane Casting, Tooling, Injection Molding, and Concept Development Support Download Pdf
Training Event FATHOM Now Offers a 1-Day Program Focused on How To Design for Additive Manufacturing—Hosted by the Application Engineering Team with Designers and Engineers as Featured Speakers Download Pdf

In this featured customer video, learn more about how FATHOM’s engineering and design team augmented this team’s product development and production processes—Mercedes-Benz Xtron Lab needed to fabricate 240+ electromechanical tiles for an IoT-connected cargo delivery management system in just four weeks.

FATHOM helped these designers and engineers go from hand sketches to a fully electro-mechanical production assembly by way of combining resources and expertise in design, engineering, additive manufacturing, and traditional manufacturing methods [can we emphasize specific points that are widely relatable to our audience].

This project included project management, industrial design, mechanical engineering, design for manufacturing (DFM), design for additive manufacturing (DFAM), 3D printing and additive manufacturing, CNC machining, sheetmetal fabrication, laser cutting, mechanical assembly, facilitation of PCB design and manufacturing partner + electronic design & assembly with partner, etc.