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FATHOM DOWNLOADS // White Papers, FAQ’s, Interviews, Infographics, Case Studies, Videos, 3D Printer Sales, Advanced Prototyping Services, and More

FATHOM is driven by advanced technologies, leveraging our expertise in additive manufacturing and 3D printing throughout the nation, to help companies innovate faster and more efficiently. FATHOM’s 3D printer sales and services have helped some of the most innovative companies in world, across many industries.

FATHOM’s portfolio includes professional 3D printers and manufacturing systems, prototyping and advanced manufacturing services, with design and engineering resources in support of these. Check out our featured case studies in our online portfolio.



FATHOM’s 3D Printer Sales and Services Learn About FATHOM’s 3D Printing Equipment (PolyJet, FDM, SLS and DMLS Materials) Download Pdf
PolyJet & FDM 3D Printing Systems Chart A Comprehensive Stratasys PolyJet and Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printer Systems Comparison Datasheet Download Pdf
PolyJet & FDM Material Datasheet A Comprehensive Look at PolyJet & FDM Material Options From FATHOM Download Pdf
SLS Material Datasheet A Comprehensive Look at SLS Material Options From FATHOM Download Pdf
DMLS Data Sheet A Comprehensive Look at DMLS Material Options From FATHOM Download Pdf
Model Finishing Services A White Paper Style Overview of Model Finishing Services at FATHOM Download Pdf
Rapid Tooling & Injection Molding Services Parts in Days, Not Weeks or Months — Achieve Better Results Faster with an Advanced Additive Manufacturing Expert Download Pdf
CNC Machining Services Quick Lead-Times for Complex, High-Precision Parts and Short Production Runs Download Pdf
Urethane Casting Services Material Options and Additional Considerations Download Pdf


Bonding 3D Printed Parts Tips and Tricks for Bonding 3D Printed Parts (FDM and PolyJet) Download Pdf
Objet500 Connex3 How to MaxiMize Multi-Material and Color Possibilities Download Pdf
Rhino to STL — Best Practices Best Practices and Procedures for Getting Quality Prints Out of Your Rhino Models Download Pdf
SolidWorks for Multi-Material Builds — Best Practices Stratasys Connex Multi-Material 3D Printing Gives You the Ability to Create Models with
Multiple Materials in a Single Build
Download Pdf
Benefits of 3D Printing Vacuum Form Molds Learn About the Unique Benefits of 3D Printing Vacuum Forming Molds Download Pdf
Cleaning PolyJet Parts with Sodium Hydroxide An optional treatment of finished models, using inexpensive, commercially available Sodium Hydroxide diluted in water Download Pdf
Using Fasteners with 3D Printed Parts A summary of how 3D printed parts can be used with a wide variety of traditional fasteners when additional strength or versatility is required Download Pdf
Benefits of 3D Printing Fixtures for Production 3D printing and additive manufacturing offer faster, lower-cost options for establishing production lines Download Pdf
Infographic — How 3D Printing Works A Visual Breakdown on How PolyJet Works, As Told by AstroBoy Download Pdf


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What Can You FATHOM? Web Series A series of online videos imagined, created, and shared by the FATHOM team Video