Injection Molding 101

FATHOM has created an accelerated injection molding 101 course—learn from industry experts and tour an active molding facility. Areas of focus during the program include but are not limited to design elements, tool construction, tool/part material options, regrind/recycle, and post operations. The course is meant for designers and engineers, but private sessions can be requested, as well as customized for other product development roles directly or indirectly involved in prototyping and production (anyone who wants an introduction to injection molding). Handouts include to a handbook, 2D drawing/CMF template/DFM templates, and cost driver information.

Schedule Private On-Site Training

FATHOM offers this accelerated session with experts on-site at our customers’ locations—talk with us today about scheduling a private event and our event team will handle all of the details. Depending on the topic, training programs can be as short as a couple of hours or as long as two days. Reach out today to start a conversation!