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FATHOM PRESENTS 3D-FLATEGATE — Deflategate Solved by 3D Printing

Thanks to 3D printing, referees can now keep tabs on those devious ball boys who are deflating footballs. The real winners will prevail!

All silliness aside, it’s really possible to make the unmakeable using 3D printing and additive manufacturing. FATHOM, an advanced technology driven company with an expertise in 3D printing, is helping designers and engineers produce cooler stuff every day — like putting satellites in orbit, electric cars on freeways, and a ton of other great devices in people’s hands all around the world. 3D printing is even used on the football field.

Pro athletes now have access to customized gear on demand through the advanced technology combination of 3D scanning and additive manufacturing, and the results are already elevating the game. Picture this: a football player gets 3D scanned and the image file can be used to make equipment tailored to their exact body specifications. Players get to skip that messy process of traditional mold-making. From preseason training to playoff injuries, teams are already using this blend of state-of-the-art technologies with FATHOM.

3D-Flategate-3D-Printing-Deflategate-FATHOM-1Is this 3D printed deflategate device even real?

Sort of. Yes, the FATHOM team did design the 3D CAD and it’s totally original. The model was 3D printed on a FDM-based additive manufacturing system (Fortus 400mc) at FATHOM’s Oakland production center. We have a facility in Seattle, too — go Seahawks!

Professional sports teams are actually using 3D printing to up their game and better protect their players. Our team just wanted to have some fun since we work on pretty serious stuff all day for companies, big and small, across the country.

spacer-horizontal-line-greyCan’t get those catchy lyrics out of your head? Neither can we!


Breaking news
Deflategate is no more because of 3D printing
This new device is used before every football game
Did I mention its tamper-proof?
My balls were deflated
Yea I was throwing bricks
I was questioning myself
But I’m never known to quit
I want my balls tamper free Mr. Referee
I’ve got a grand ol’ story, I think I’ll print in 3D

3D-Flategate 3(x) — whisper

We make sure footballs are full
So bad guys don’t break the rules
We can make the unmakeable

Innovate with FATHOM 2(x)

How do I grip this 3D printing thing man
It’s so futuristic and interesting
Now my balls are inflated and I feel so good
I’m throwing them all around my neighborhood
Well it started from CAD, yea, it started from scratch
They invented an invention for the quarterbacks
FATHOM 3D printing, don’t forget the name
They’ll have your balls ready for the Super Bowl game

We make sure footballs are full
So bad guys don’t break the rules
We can make the unmakeable