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Using Additive Manufacturing Effectively (Livermore)



FATHOM has designed a technology agnostic curriculum on the practical application of additive technologies to achieve greater results throughout the entire product development process and in to production. This established training program helps companies push the limits of manufacturing to drive industry-leading innovation.

  • Learn How to Effectively Approach Design & Manufacturing from an Additive Technology Perspective

  • Examine Freedom of Complexity to Increase Product Possibility by Way of Physics-Based Design

  • Review a Wide Range of Materials, Matured Technologies, & Industry-Specific Application Development

These dynamic sessions focus on new realities in manufacturing such as part consolidation, lightweighting, organic geometries, high complexity, faster speeds, mass customization, risk mitigation, higher value problem-solving, lower tooling costs, and even tool-less production. Early Registration is highly encouraged—seating is limited.

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This one-day training seminar ($500 per person) includes six sessions, light morning snacks, refreshments, lunch, breaks, demonstrations, and an additive manufacturing facility tour.