SolidWorks for Multi-Material 3D Prints

Check out the featured white paper from the FATHOM team—for other great downloads such as case studies, infographics, and more, visit the FATHOM blog. SOLIDWORKS FOR MULTI-MATERIAL BUILDS — BEST PRACTICES Written by Cole Hartman, Mechanical Engineer

Stratasys PolyJet-based machines built on Connex technology provide users with the unique ability to produce 3D printed models with multiple bodies, materials, and colors—all in a single build cycle. To take advantage of these benefits, each distinct body, material, or color must be represented by a dedicated, non-overlapping STL shell.

This white paper outlines a workflow to efficiently prepare and save SolidWorks parts and assemblies as STL files for import into Objet Studio (updated as of 2017).

Free White Paper // Download

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