Top 5: Wearables TechCon 2016


Wearables & IOT TechCon will showcase some of the most prominent thinkers and companies involved in wearable technology, the internet of things, and mass customization. FATHOM will be there, July 18-20 in San Jose! Stop by FATHOM's booth NO. 400 to see parts from the newest and most advanced 3D printer on the market (Stratasys J750), a 3D printed, IOT-connected leg cast (BOOMcast), and various 3D printed tooling for accelerated injection molded parts that enables faster than ever product development. With the conference rapidly approaching, we sat down with FATHOM Mechanical Engineer Alexei Samimi (one of the designers of FATHOM's BOOMcast, pictured below) to discuss the highlights of the show and the programs he is most looking forward to next week.



NO. 1 // Discussion Panel: Tips for Rapid Prototyping Your Wearable

Why? "Wearables are a significant portion of what we prototype at FATHOM, for both industry leaders with experience and industry newcomers who are creating a wearable device for the first time—it's valuable to learn as much as possible about creating products in the fast-expanding wearables industry." —Alexei Samimi

NO. 2 // The Hardest Wearables Are the Soft Ones: Challenges and Opportunities for Smart Textiles

Why? "Smart Textiles are an under-explored market with huge potential. As wearables become both more prevalent and more discreet, I have no doubt that we’ll be finding more and more tech in our clothing." —Alexei Samimi

NO. 3 // Manufacturing Wearables: Leading the Quality Revolution with Technology

Why? "The wearable tech industry is progressing at a staggering rate! Meanwhile, our standards and expectations for wearables are sky-rocketing. A look at the ways that this industry is revolutionizing quality tools and standards in manufacturing would be a fascinating one that we all could benefit from." —Alexei Samimi

NO. 4 // Discussion Panel: Virtual Reality—Opportunities Beyond Gaming

Why? "Virtual Reality is a headline-grabber and hot topic of conversation in most technology circles. But it can be hard to find products and applications that live up to the hype. We need to start stretching our minds around the vast potential of VR technologies, beyond gaming functionalities." —Alexei Samimi

NO. 5 // Discussion Panel: Flexible Circuits Enabling the Wearable Revolution

Why? "For our sci-fi dreams to become reality, wearable electronic devices must continue to become smaller and more ergonomic. Since wearable hardware is limited by the size and functionality of the electronics within, progress in flexible circuitry has the potential to skyrocket the wearable industry." —Alexei Samimi

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