Featured Industry News // 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

With so many developments in a fast-changing industry like 3D printing (3DP) and additive manufacturing (AM), the headlines really stack up—from hardware to software to materials and everything in between. To cut through the clutter of 3DP/AM news, check out these staff picks of the week. In this edition, FATHOMers highlight space exploration, new additive technology-based lab for Clemson University, 3D printed rocket engine parts, and an additive manufacturing research paper.

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3D Printing Multi-Layer Sensors for Space Exploration

Meet NASA scientist Mahmooda Sultana in a YouTube series called “Faces of Technology.” Her team has received funding for advanced technology development that aims to fabricate smaller spectrometers for space exploration (reducing the size of present detectors to 2” x 3”). Range of use includes sensing gas and vapor concentrations, atmospheric pressure, and temperature // Watch Video

GE Power to Further Additive Manufacturing Education

Clemson University has partnered with General Electric Power to further the education and adoption of additive manufacturing. This will enhance student, faculty, and staff experience with hands-on activities with guidance from GE experts. Three machines have been installed, including GE’s Additive Concept Laser M2 Cusing direct metal laser melting (DMLM) machine  // Watch Video


Transporting Students Using This Driverless Shuttle

Olli Fleet Challenge has been deployed at the Sacramento State University campus for real-world testing. The self-driving vehicle features advanced manufacturing methods such as 3D printed components to enable customization for different environments. Learn more from Local Motors co-founder and CEO Jay Rogers // Read More

3D Printed Thrust Chamber for Rocket Engines

The European Space Agency has additively manufactured, and hot-fire tested, a full-scale rocket thrust chamber assembly.  The application allows for the investigation of flow and heat transfer phenomena on 3D printed surfaces, further informing future iterations of the additively manufactured engine designs // Read More


Research Article // “Additive Manufacturing: Challenges, Trends, & Applications” (Advances in Mechanical Engineering)

In this recent paper as published in Sage Journal, learn more about additive manufacturing from an evolution perspective of challenges, trends, and applications. This 27-page download includes topics such as classification, part orientation, cost estimation, environmental impact, and problems // Download



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