Top 5: 2016 BIOMED in San Jose


This year's BIOMEDevice San Jose Conferencewill feature emerging trends, actionable training, and the latest innovations in the biomed industry with thought-leadership from speakers that will inform and inspire. The FATHOM team is looking forward to the event and will be available in the expo hall on December 7th and 8th (booth NO. 1215 will feature BOOMcast, seen below, as well as other unique 3D printing uses for medical professionals). Since BIOMEDevice is just around the corner, we sat down with FATHOM Industrial Designer Ava DeCapri—one of the designers of FATHOM's BOOMcast—to discuss what she is looking forward to most at this year's event.


NO. 1 // The Art and Science of Extending Perception through Cybernetic Technology

  • Wednesday, December 7. 12:00pm-12:45pm.

  • Location: BioMed Center Stage

  • Speaker: Neil Harbisson

Why? "This promises to be one of the more mind-bending and interesting keynotes of BIOMED. Neil Harbisson is a real-life cyborg—a man who has implanted a augmented seeing device directly into his skull that allows him to see sound and hear color! Not only is this technically intriguing, but artistically challenging as well.  As a designer who believes in the possibility of design to alter reality, this is a powerful statement about the state of technology and wearables, and ultimately our control over our bodies." —Ava DeCapri

NO. 2 // Tech Inject: How Consumer Technology is Driving Connected Device Design for Traditional Medical Devices

  • Wednesday, December 7. 8:30am-9:15am.

  • Location: 210B

  • Speaker: Scott Nelson

Why? "This session is a must-see for me because it focuses on how quality design can make or break a customer's experience with your product. The brave new world of IoT can be daunting to jump into, but it is proving to be an inevitable evolution in consumer product technology. Good UI and product design can facilitate the transition to IoT and, I think, will prove crucial to the success of IoT-integrated medical devices." —Ava DeCapri

NO. 3 // The Crossroads of 3D Printing Medical Devices and Legal Principles

  • Wednesday, December 7. 11:00am-11:45am.

  • Location: BioMed Center Stage

  • Speaker: Tim Lew

Why? "3D printing, medical devices, and legality are a fascinating intersection. With new innovations in 3D printing organs and tissue and the new frontier of untested materials and technology, I am curious how laws will keep up with this changing landscape." —Ava DeCapri

NO. 4 // Designing Smart Medical Devices with Force- Sensing Technology

  • Thursday, December 8. 11:30am-12:15pm.

  • Location: Tech Theatre (1143)

  • Speaker: Dave Shephard

Why? "Sensor technology is a crucial part of many wearable devices both within and outside of the medical field. With sensor technology constantly evolving and expanding, it is important for designers to understand exactly what is available and how to implement this technology successfully. This session promises to give a solid understanding of exactly what kind of sensor to use for your specific application with pros and cons of the different technologies and real-world examples of applications." —Ava DeCapri

NO. 5 // Right-Sized Prototyping for Your Medical Device

Why? "This session is preaching what we at FATHOM try to teach our clients! Prototyping correctly is crucial to developing your product and can be the best way to validate your design. Designers should understand the unique challenges of testing and validation in the medical field, and use extensive prototyping to conquer these challenges. One way we approach prototyping at FATHOM is with advanced technologies and materials that allow us to produce parts that are most like the final manufactured result. It will be interesting to learn more best practices for prototyping techniques that are specific to the medical field." —Ava DeCapri

During BIOMEDevice, be sure to stop by booth NO. 1215 to see 3D printed parts from the newest and most advanced 3D printer on the market—the Stratasys J750. Customer stories on display will include an IOT-connected medical cast (pictured above), an innovative laboratory incubator designed for direct digital manufacturing, and fully 3D printed PCBs from Nano Dimension's DragonFly 2020 (FATHOM has the only system in North America).

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