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Take a Bite Out of 3D Printing — It’s Shark Week

Are you part of the 4+ million viewers watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel? Us too! It’s that time of year again when sharks make headlines, from online discussions over monster-sized sharks who lived almost 1.5 million years ago to not-so-lively sharks found just this morning on a New York subway. We love sharks but we’re not shark experts so we’re staying out of the debates. We are Oakland 3D printing specialists though, so it only made perfect sense to us to 3D print a shark in our production center where thoughts become things. We used digital flexible material to mimic real shark skin. Big thanks to the shark file creator on Grab CAD — hope we did you proud!

Grab CAD File: www.grabcad.com/library/shark
File Creator: www.grabcad.com/jzan
Modification Time: Three Hours (For Printing Tolerances)
Software Used: Rhino
3D Printer Machine: Objet500 Connex
Digital Material Type: Tango Black Plus and Vero White Plus (FLX9895-DM – Shore 95A)
Build Time: 8 Hours
Model Size: 8.5 Inches in Length, 2.5 Inches Tall
PolyJet Technology: Achieve smooth surfaces, thin walls, and complex geometries when using 3D printers driven by PolyJet Technology which features 16-micron layers with accuracy as high as 0.1 mm — the one and only technology that supports a wide selection of materials with properties that range from rubber to rigid and transparent to opaque.

Watch the Instagram video post with surprise ending: http://instagram.com/p/cw5fNVvBkv/

Shark Week, 3D Printed Shark Attacks Dog

Video Link: http://instagram.com/p/cw5fNVvBkv/

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