SVForum 3D Printing Special Interest Group

The SVForum 3D Printing and Scanning Special Interest Group (SIG) provides a forum for technologists and companies, as well as members of the investor community and other interested parties, to discuss the critical aspects of the technology that require improvement, the future direction of additive manufacturing technology and to network with one another.  The majority of innovation and investment in 3D printing related technologies to date has not been centered in Silicon Valley, and this SIG aims to contribute to changing this for what is considered by many as the next trillion dollar market. On January 29th, 2013 the SIG had their debut event featuring FATHOM‘s very own Rich Stump.  Over 150 were in attendance and it was the most successful SIG launch event to date.  Rich discussed 3D printing technologies, various San Francisco rapid prototyping design services that FATHOM provides, and additive manufacturing industry trends.  The group also heard from Brook Drumm of Printrbot, Geoffrey Doyle of GrowShapes, and Timothy Lipton of ReAllocate.  There will be many events to come, so if you are interested in the 3D Printing industry and how it will take shape in the Bay Area, check the SVForum website often for event details and how you can participate in this exciting group.

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