Recycling & Disposing of 3DP Material

Have you heard about the recent recycling program announcement from Stratasys? North American customers now have the ability to recycle their FDM canisters and PolyJet cartridges free of charge. The program brings significant business benefits to Stratasys customers—eliminate waste disposal shipping costs, reduce logistical worries, save space by immediately sending back empty canister and cartridges, and enable easy regulatory compliance.

  • Return Used FDM Canisters and PolyJet Cartridges Directly to Stratasys—FREE OF CHARGE

  • Send PolyJet Waste Material Directly to Stratasys—FREE OF CHARGE


Get started by packaging canisters and cartridges. Then, print out UPS labels (free shipping, of course) from the Stratasys website. UPS will pick up the packages and ship all boxes directly to Stratasys' main offices for processing at its on-campus recycling facility.

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This new service from Stratasys in Minnesota is staffed by a dedicated team from Lifeworks, a local organization that places and mentors people with disabilities in jobs that serve the Eden Prairie community. The Stratasys team recently spent one-on-one time with the employees from the Lifeworks, getting to know each of them better.


"Watching the recycling process in action reminded us how everyone benefits," Stratasys posted in a blog on February 26 [ link ]. " Yes, it helps the environment. Yes, it’s better for our customers’ business. Yes, it helps them easily adhere to local regulations. Yes, it creates employment for disabled people in the local community. And yes, it’s great for 3D printing and additive manufacturing as a whole – helping it become a more convenient, easy-to-manage process for our North American customers, both big and small."

So, this is definitely a win-win for everyone involved. Can you think of any good reason why you shouldn’t start recycling this very instant? Neither can we!

Have questions about this program? Speak with FATHOM directly: Start a Conversation.