Rapid Prototyping—Wearables TechCon

Wearables TechCon + the IOT TechCon at the San Jose Convention Center July 18-20 will feature some of the top minds in IoT, UI/UX, AR/VR, and modern manufacturing. FATHOM Design & Engineering Manager Michael Duncan will be presenting in the panel "Tips for Rapid Prototyping Your Wearable," and FATHOM's BOOMcast, a 3D printed and IoT-connected leg cast, will be among the wearables presented at the show.

“The entire design cycle of wearable technology has shifted as 3D printing becomes a standard part of the process. I'm really eager about the potential for customizability that comes along with additive manufacturing.”

FATHOM spoke Duncan briefly in advance of the show—check it out below! For more information on the conference, view the agenda. Don't forget to stop by FATHOM's booth #400 during the conference.

Duncan directs advanced projects for industry-leading companies throughout the United States. With more than 30 years of experience in a variety of industries and a deep insight of rapid prototyping, he helps businesses leverage the best technologies for their product development process during prototype to production. Duncan comes to FATHOM with a degree in Product Design and Materials Science from the University of Washington. His experience also includes managing innovation groups for new product development and concept realization. Duncan’s current focus is helping customers at FATHOM leverage additive technologies and materials as innovative tooling aids that enhance and accelerate the traditional manufacturing process.

How is 3D printing and additive manufacturing changing the design cycle for wearable products?

3D printing is redefining the number of materials and ideas that designers are able to test within a short time frame, leading to better, more intuitive products. We also now have the capability to produce parts that can replicate molded plastic, finished to represent production-level components.

What are you looking forward to most about the conference? 

A conference like Wearables + IOT TechCon is always exciting because it brings together people with different specialties but common interests. Nearly all the industries involved in a conference like this move at such a fast speed, it's fun to see the best everyone has to offer in a single place at one time.

What will be the underlying focus of your panel at the conference? Anything we should keep an eye out for, or projects you will be highlighting?

The theme of the panel I'm participating in is "Tips for Rapid Prototyping Your Wearable," and I'm looking forward to riffing and comparing notes with other experienced people in the space. In manufacturing and prototyping, navigating risks and potential pitfalls is the name of the game, and each product development process is a different story. During the conference and the panel, FATHOM will be featuring BOOMcast, one of our biggest hit projects for its Bluetooth and IOT connectivity.

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