Prototyping For Compost

“I can tell that quality is interwoven into everything FATHOM does, it’s really amazing to see and experience. Major props.”

— Kristen Hess, Co-Founder at CompoKeeper, LLC

CompoKeeper LLC, founded on the premise of making in-home composting simpler and cleaner, created the CompoKeeper, an innovative compost bin that features a proprietary clamp within the bin to hold a liner in place.


The clamping mechanism automatically seals custom compostable bags (ASTM D6400 certified), locking odors in and fruit flies out. CompoKeeper’s marketing team came to FATHOM in need of a functional prototype with quick turnaround. Since the model would be used for a promotional event, it was critical it looked and functioned like the finished product.

To expedite the project, FATHOM utilized GrabCAD for file sharing and updates. The design was divided into sections, CNC machined out of ABS plastic, and painted to match specified Pantone colors.

All components were assembled and tested for fit accuracy. This complex assembly was completed within a week.

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Carolina Aguirre