"Partnering for Success" with LLNL

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) recently hosted an “Advanced Manufacturing—Partnering for Success” workshop that featured LLNL's leading scientists and engineers. Speakers included Patrick Dempsey, Dr. Anantha Krishnan, Dr. Charles Verdon, and Dr. Christopher Spadaccini (view all speakers). The event highlighted the ongoing research at LLNL and how partnerships can lead to mutual success. LLNL had recently announced that the organization is actively looking to establish additional partnerships to further utilize a newly constructed Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory (AML) designed for the express purpose of facilitating collaborative research and development with industry.


FATHOM Co-Founder Rich Stump also spoke at the event about the value of its additive partnership with LLNL. In 2014, FATHOM entered into a technology development partnership with the laboratory. The collaboration brings together FATHOM’s advanced industry knowledge and LLNL’s unique R&D capabilities, facility resources, engineers and scientists to introduce and commercialize new market-leading additive manufacturing technologies. In 2016, FATHOM deepened its commitment to the research group by joining other local leaders in supporting the construction of LLNL's $9.4 million facility called the Advanced Manufacturing Lab (AML).


For more information on advance manufacturing initiatives at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, visit adv-manufacturing.llnl.gov.