[ NEWS ] 3D Printed Smart Oven

“FATHOM has harnessed thermal heat. They have mastered digital design with the use of electronics. They have a Stratasys Fortus 900mc 3D printer, and they know how to use it.”
— Staff Writer Bridget Millsaps
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That's what Staff Writer Bridget Millsaps had to say about Project Pyra in a recent article post on 3Dprint [com]. The FATHOM team is honored to be covered by this established publication and excited to share this industry coverage with FATHOM's blog readership. Project Pyra, the world's first 3D printed smart oven, was designed by FATHOM's Director of Research Carlo Quiñonez.

This is just one more beginning—perhaps not just for the kitchen—but to see a sector becoming self-sustainable as they are able to design and produce their own, very important tools that can be affordably customized, adapted, and 3D printed according to continually changing projects and applications.

Read the full 3Dprint [com] article at 3dprint.com/78321/project-pyra-smart-oven.

The device is not only an innovative take on the modern convection oven, it is a true demonstration of the design freedom made possible by 3D printing. This latest project from FATHOM challenges designers and engineers to think differently about how they design and manufacture products. Besides it's electronic components and few pieces of traditional hardware, Project Pyra is built entirely out of 3D printed engineering-grade plastics (ULTEM 1010) on a Fortus 900mc using zero support material. The internal system of complex tubing circulates hot air and can achieve uniform temperatures up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. That's just hot enough to successfully slow cook a dry-rubbed cut of tri-trip, which is just what the FATHOM team did!

Learn more about this thermal chamber application, how it was made, and its many uses besides cooking at studiofathom.com/blog/pyra.

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