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New PolyJet Soluble Support

New soluble support material works on PolyJet’s advanced triple-jetting 3D printers—SUP706 dissolves away from complex models in a hands-free way. 3D printing with SUP706 support gives designers and engineers the freedom to design intricate, multi-material parts that can be easily cleaned in just a simple two-step soak-and-rinse process.

PolyJet technology’s best-performing support material enables:

  1. Design freedom to create parts that are intricate or delicate, including with convoluted cavities and rubber-like components
  2. Cost and time savings with hands-free support removal
  3. Versatility to choose quicker WaterJet support removal for any part

SUP706 is compatible with the full range of triple-jetting 3D printers and all materials (except Hearing Aid material). To learn more, start a conversation with an expert from FATHOM today.


Q: Do I need to update my printer or software to accept SUP706?
A: Yes. Customer Service will need to install a software upgrade, on-site, to implement SUP706 for all triple-jetting systems (Objet260 Connex1/2/3, Objet350 Connex1/2/3, Objet500 Connex1/2/3).

Q: Will Stratasys stop selling SUP705?
A: Not at this time. This will be determined based on market adoption of SUP706 and the ability to use it on some legacy printers.

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