New Materials // Nylon 12CF & Agilus30

The Stratasys team recently released two new additive materials—Nylon 12CF for FDM and Agilus30 for PolyJet. Stratasys has been at the forefront of 3D printing innovation for more than 25 years with a diverse range of industry-leading materials that enable its users to maximize the benefits of additive manufacturing at every stage of research, product development, and production. Nylon 12CF is supported by the Fortus 450mc (additional Fortus machines to be announced). With the highest strength- and stiffness-to-weight ratio of any Stratasys FDM materials, it is a great choice for tooling and functional prototypes. Replacing heavy metal jigs with Nylon 12CF will relieve the stress on machines and the operators using them to perform their jobs. Similarly, Nylon 12CF will help reduce weight in functional prototypes when replacing metal components such as heat shields, covers, and frames.

→ View Data Sheet for Nylon 12CF

Agilus30 is compatible with Objet260/350/500 and Connex1/2/3. It is a rubber-like material that has improved functional performance and aesthetics. Compared to Tango, Agilus30 has two times the tear resistance. The tensile strength is improved by two and a half times. It has better elongation, and it is less sticky. It is an excellent option for printing seals directly onto a lid, testing wrist band prototypes, or making valves for medical devices that can withstand high water pressure.

→ View Data Sheet for Agilus30