Motley Fool Connects with Rich Stump

During the Inside 3D Printing Conference in New York City back in March, Steve Heller of The Motley Fool met with Rich Stump of FATHOM following Stump's presentation on 3D printed injection molding. The session covered ways in which 3DIM and 3D printing are not only revolutionizing the manufacturing process, but also enhancing traditional manufacturing methods. Check out what else Stump had to say at the conference during these interviews with Heller. WHAT ARE THE GREATEST CHALLENGES PROHIBITING ADOPTION?

In the video below, Heller asks Stump about the market opportunity that he expects out of the industry in the future. Stump elaborates on his views of the 3D printing in relation to the overall manufacturing industry, whether or not prospective customers have an accurate understanding of the technology's capabilities, and how FATHOM can compete against 3D printing giants. After watching the video—Read the full article on


In the video below, Heller talks with Stump about how 3D printing can bridge the gap between prototyping and manufacturing, as well as some of the limitations facing the technology today. After watching the video—Read the full article on

Photo Credit: Blog image taken from Inside 3D Printing's video footage of the New York City event