Mesh to T-Spline in 10 Steps (Fusion 360 & ReMake)

FATHOM Step-By-Step Tutorial—How to Convert a Mesh or Scan Data Into a Workable T-Spline

In this tutorial, FATHOM Research Associate Sebastian Morales walks you through the process step by step—preparation, gap fixes, mesh export, "Quads" selection, T-spline body selection and conversion. Software needed? Fusion 360, ReMake (formerly Memento). Both available from Autodesk.

Mesh 1


Open ReMake and import your mesh. This example features a mesh of more than two million triangles, a scan by Bernard Brits on GrabCad. We chose something with complex geometries to really test this workflow and this scan has a high degree of intricacy.

Mesh 2

Once the mesh finishes converting, get it ready for Fusion 360. The 10-step workflow is as follows.

10-Step Workflow

Mesh 3
  1. Fix all the gaps. Click on “Analyze” (the microscope icon) and select the “Detect and Fix Model Issues” (the band aid icon). Detect the issues and fix them all.

Mesh 4

2. Export the mesh.

Mesh 5

3. Select “Quads.” Fusion 360 will need the quads in order to make the T-Splines. Select the number of quads depending on your needs, keeping in mind that Fusion will struggle with a higher number. For this project, we selected 100,000.

4. Re-import the mesh into ReMake. This time, use the quad-based mesh you just saved. Repeat the issue detection step (#1) and you will likely fund a number of problems with the new mesh. Fix each of the issues you find.

Mesh 6

5. Export again. Make sure the mesh is exported as quads.

Mesh 7

6. Perform one last analysis on the mesh, and fix any issues.

Mesh 8

7. Upload your file to the cloud through Fusion 360.

Mesh 9

8. Open the drawing and click on Convert from the "Utilities" on the Sculpting menu.

Mesh 10

9. Select the Mesh and this will convert it from a "Quad Mesh" to a T-Spline body. This may slow Fusion 360 temporarily but eventually will create the T-Spline body. Once it has converted completely, you should have two bodies inside your "Bodies" folder. One of them a mesh, the other the T-spline body.


10. Select the T-Spline body and click convert. This conversion will yield a B-rep! After Fusion 360 loads, the entire process is complete.