Packaging Application // 3D Printing for Thermoforming // Meet CREOS

“Hello, my name is creos. Nice to meet you! I work and play with 3D printers and have profound knowledge of additive manufacturing technologies.”

— Created by The FATHOM Team, 2013-2014


CREOS is an internal project designed, created, and produced by the FATHOM team in an effort to demonstrate the many uses of 3D printing and advanced prototyping technologies for the product development process.

CREOS is a 3D printed action figure with detachable arms and legs built on the Objet500 Connex in VeroWhite, TangoBlackPlus, and VeroClear (PolyJet 3D Printing Technology Materials).

The hat is created in Nylon12 on an SLS machine and dyed yellow in post-processing. The calipers were made on a uPrint SE Plus (FDM) in real ABS thermoplastics.

All CAD development was completed in-house by FATHOM’s design and engineering team.

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Learn about how the FATHOM team used a 3D printed mold for the vacuum forming process: Download White Paper

Carolina Aguirre