Speaker of Inspiration: Challenge #1

The first challenge of the Make the Unmakeable contest calls for creative solutions to New Year’s resolutions—promises you made for yourself that can be such a drag and sticking to a new diet or workout regimen can quickly become a chore you choose to neglect. As a bit of inspiration for the Make the Unmakeable participants (remember, there is no limit on how many designs you can submit) here is just one example of the many fashions in which 3D printing can be used to tackle New Year’s resolutions without compromising fun while showing off the unlimited design freedom of additive manufacturing.

Industrial Designer Ava DeCapri on the FATHOM design team decided to put her own spin on things to demonstrate the wide array of possibilities presented by this challenge.



This portable speaker addresses multiple goals in a single, compact package that offers much more than pure and simple functionality. Aesthetically appealing colors, durable finish that’s smooth to touch, your favorite music accompanying you everywhere—the fact that this speaker engages multiple senses makes it easier for you to get out and about while also giving you more ways to interact with your surroundings and strike up conversations with new people.

The potential for additional technological tie-ins here is extensive as well. The built-in LED screen displays messages from a custom mobile app that connects you with other people like you, allowing you to team up and stay active together. It’s easy to grab and go with the attachable straps, plus, the detachable fabric screen can be customized to further motivate you with inspirational quotes or images.

DeCapri hopes that with something this cool, you’ll be more excited to get outside and draw attention from people who share similar tastes in music and design.


“This sporty wearable could also help you track and assess your activity with features such as a pedometer, reminders synced to your personal calendar, and notifications about interesting events that are taking place in your neighborhood,” said DeCapri.

“The idea is that this product is big enough to be a reminder of your goals, small enough to take with you anywhere, and smart enough to communicate with you in a personalized way.”

Holding true to your resolutions is much easier and longer-lasting when you find genuinely enjoyable ways to do so.


  • DeCapri explored unique geometries that can only be made using 3D printing—the design can’t be manufactured using traditional methods unless divided into multiple parts then assembled

  • DeCapri explored the personalization made possible using 3D printing—not only can the entire design be customized, it’s also sized to fit most 3D printers, especially consumer equipment

  • DeCapri explored how 3D printing can increase the efficiency of how products are manufactured today—the design is a great example of end-use parts and can be manufactured as requested instead of products sitting on a shelf

  • DeCapri utilized 3D printing (FDM Technology for the production-grade plastic enclosure and PolyJet Technology for rubber-like buttons) with stock components, electronics, and fabric