Launch Forth MLV Challenge

Join the Launch Forth team and FATHOM this Friday, March 9th at 10am PST for a Facebook Live Broadcast! Hear from Megan Brewster from Launch Forth and Chris Blower of FATHOM on the winning entries and the new MLV:Refined Challenge. Brewster and Blower will also talk about some of the fabrication methods and materials that might be used to build a functional prototype. “FATHOM is the build partner for the competition and I’m honored to be contributing as a technical advisor," said Blower. "We will be guiding Launch Forth and their community throughout the challenge, and will leverage our team’s extensive knowledge on additive, subtractive, and hybridized manufacturing methods to fabricate an epic vehicle that will be reliable, effective, and buildable.”

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“USMC CoLab is a collaborative effort to accelerate product development for the Marine Corps," said Ian Wing, the Manager in Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy & Operations practice. "Together with our colleagues at Launch Forth, FATHOM, Siemens, and DVIRC, Deloitte is proud to help put new products in the hands of Marines more quickly.”

About the Modular Logistics Vehicle Challenge

At the Marine Corps Twentynine Palms base in California, a team of Marines has turned a fleet of standard off-the-shelf utility vehicles into highly customized vehicles that can now serve a wide range of diverse tasks. They employed ingenuity to transform stock vehicles into a multitude of use cases, embodying the grit, creativity, and technical proficiency that define the Marines. Inspired by these Marines, the Launch Forth team wants you to design a new modular vehicle system that meets a range of logistical missions. This Modular Logistics Vehicle (MLV) will exemplify the innovative-hacker spirit of the Marines, turning it into something available to the entire Marine Corps... // Read More //

About the Speakers

Megan Brewster is the Vice President of Advanced Manufacturing for Launch Forth, a co-creation platform forged from Local Motors that connects big engineering problems from category leaders like GE, Airbus, and HP with a worldwide community of 170,000+ solvers. Prior to working with Launch Forth, she served as the Senior Policy Advisor and Fellow for Advanced Manufacturing in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. She has a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT and a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Washington... // View Launch Forth Profile //


Chris Blower is a hardware engineer, designer, builder, and hacker. He joined the FATHOM team in 2017 as a mechanical engineer and works closely with companies who want to accelerate their product development process. Prior to FATHOM, he founded Queen B Robotics, a drone manufacturing company, worked as a propulsion engineer at GE Aircraft Engine Services, and contracted as a software developer for several startups. He has Master’s degrees in Mechanical, Aerospace and Astronautic Engineering from The George Washington University, D.C. and Kingston University, UK... // View Launch Forth Profile //