J750 Introduction Webinar

Meet the World's First Full-Color, Multi-Material 3D PrinterThe Stratasys J750 PolyJet-Based System

"With the the J750, Stratasys has released a 3D printer that's running six materials simultaneously, plus the support material, and it's the first time that we've had a full-color 3D printer with a robust material that you can actually get some testable models out of where, in the past you were dealing with more plaster or paper for color prints." - FATHOM Seattle General Manager Dylan Oliver

The Stratasys J750 is the innovative 3D printer that can most closely mirror the imagination, capturing any shape you can conceive, any color you can dream of, and all those details words can't express—thoughts become things in a matter of hours. The Stratasys J750 makes it possible to know for sure that your next big project will be as spectacular as you envisioned.


FATHOM wants to challenge what you know about 3D printing. In this webinar, FATHOM Project Manager Derek Roedel from Oakland and General Manager Dylan Oliver from Seattle discuss major features, advantages, and early use cases—they also field questions from the audience.

  • Increased Speed & Print Quality

  • 7 Material Capacity—Less Swaps

  • 360,000 Color Options

  • CMYKW+1 & Gradient/Texture-Based

  • Overmolded ABS Material 2x Speed

[youtube_video] ugDCYuEzMlg [/youtube_video]

Learn more about this system from a discussion with FATHOM Designers and EngineersYou can also learn more about specific capabilities, material options, sizing of the machine, and more on the J750 product page. To start a conversation with a FATHOM account manager today, give us a call at 510.281.9000 or reach out using our contact form at the upper right of the page.