Stratasys J750 3D Printer Released at AMUG Conference

Stratasys Releases the J750 3D Printer

To kick off the 2016 AMUG Conference, Stratasys unveiled the J750—the most advanced PolyJet 3D printer ever to be released. It is the world's first full-color, multi-material system, enabling designers and engineers to create prototypes and parts with extremely smooth finishes in hundreds of thousands of colors automatically mapped from design software.

  • Increased Speed & Print Quality

  • 7 Material Capacity—Less Swaps

  • 360,000 Color Options

  • CMYKW+1 & Gradient/Texture-Based

  • Overmolded ABS Material 2x Speed

With the ability to jet more materials simultaneously than ever before, the J750 also vastly improves 3D printing efficiency for even faster production (six materials plus support)—that means users can load their most used resins and avoid downtime associated with material changeovers. 3D print simulated production plastics, like Digital ABS, in half the time or with twice the resolution. Even create "overmolded" parts using ABS-Like in a variety of shore values in twice the resolution or half the time.

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You can learn more on the J750 product page—specific capabilities, material options, sizing for the machine, etc. To start a conversation today with a FATHOM account manager today, give us a call as 510.281.9000 or reach out using the contact form.