Introducing Objet30 Prime

Get started exploring the new possibilities of a PolyJet-based desktop 3D printer using the Objet30 Prime by Stratasys from FATHOM — the only desktop 3D printer in the world that works with 12 materials and gives you specialized properties like flexibility and biocompatibility.

  • 3D print precise consumer-product prototypes (smooth surfaces and flexible components)

  • Use rubber material to prototype gaskets, plugs, and seals

  • 3D print usable medical implements that require prolonged contact with skin (ear forms or surgical guides)

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Objet30 Prime_Left_part_MQ

The system also operates in three print modes:

  1. High-Quality

  2. High-Speed

  3. Draft Mode (Fast and Economical)

Try out even the most bold ideas in three dimensions, from the initial stages of inspiration to design review of form, fit, and function. No matter what your team is 3D printing, the Objet30 Prime is ideal for the office — productivity, quiet operation, and small footprint.

Model Materials Include: Bio-compatible (MED610), High Temperature (RGD525), Rigid Opaque white (VeroWhitePlus), Rigid Opaque blue (VeroBlue), Rigid Opaque black (VeroBlack), Rigid Opaque gray (VeroGray), Rubber-like (TangoGray and TangoBlack), Simulated Polypropylene (Durus and Endur), and Transparent rigid (VeroClear and RGD720)

Support Material: FullCure 705 Non-Toxic Gel-Like Photopolymer

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