Introducing Fortus 450mc & 380mc

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Fortus 450mc

Leverage State-of-the-Art Ease of Use and Speed

The all-new Fortus 380mc and 450mc 3D Production Systems available from FATHOM give designers and engineers optimal performance and a user-friendly interface for quick and easy functional prototyping, production tooling and end-use parts, directly from your CAD files. Benefit from advanced FDM-powered additive manufacturing to match many production demands.

FORTUS 380MC For high-performance prototyping and production tooling in a variety of standard and engineering thermoplastics, at a great value.

FORTUS 450MC For high performance with a larger build envelope and the most advanced FDM thermoplastics; ideal for mid-sized functional prototypes, production aids and end-use parts in specialized materials.

Both new Fortus Systems offer the latest FDM advancements inside and out, for improved ease of use and speed. See how Fortus 3D Production Systems are used to:

  • Build custom jigs and fixtures for dramatic time and cost savings.

  • Produce end-use parts for low-volume manufacturing.

  • Accelerate the sand casting process.

  • Make quick work of thermoforming tools, from packaging to aerospace.

  • Apply FDM surrogate parts for faster design decisions.

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The e-book "The Fortus Profit Potential: Six applications that can boost your bottom line” and discover how to push the boundaries of production with Fortus 3D Production Systems. See below for a sneak peek at one of case studies available in this white paper.

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Fortus 380mc-450mc Nova Tech Chart

Case Study Feature: 3D Printing End-Use Parts

Today, thanks to FDM technology, Nova Tech Engineering can create the many specialized parts their customers require but at a fraction of the time and cost. One example is the time and money it takes to create ten 12-piece carrier assemblies. Prior to using FDM technology, these took four weeks to produce at a cost of $45,000. Now, they take only three days and cost $1,500 — a savings of 89 percent and 97 percent respectively.