GrabCAD Print Webinar // Directly 3D Printing CAD Files

GrabCAD Print by Stratasys simplifies the traditional 3D print preparation workflow and provides intelligence around additive equipment usage so your team can get quality prints, faster—enterprise 3D printing and made easy and accessible. Don’t waste time converting and fixing STL files because GrabCAD Print allows you to save time by directly 3D printing CAD files.

Learn more about GrabCAD Print in this featured webinar with Ghose followed by a Q&A discussion with FATHOM’s host—we'll address your most frequently asked questions and more!

What will webinar attendees learn in this presentation?

Shuvom Ghose

Shuvom Ghose—Attendees will learn about a new software that makes ALL their existing Stratasys 3D printers easier to use, monitor and share, and how to make their 3D printing workflow faster, no matter what they are 3D printing. Also, there's a great GrabCAD Print ebook to check out and I recommend downloading a copy.

  • CAD Diagnostics + Multi-Printer Control

  • Notifications in Real-Time

  • Business Intelligence

  • Direct 3D Printing—Even from Creo 4.0 or the SOLIDWORKS Add-In

  • Evolution Past Converting and Fixing STL Files Scheduling

Why are you personally excited about this software and what does it mean for Stratasys users?

Ghose—Even now, 3D printing is still very much a 'high priest' dominated field, where only a few 'specialists' at each company do the majority of 3D printing for all the users.

What's exciting about GrabCAD Print is it was specifically designed to let anyone at the company 3D print, and paired with new, more mature Stratasys 3D printers, we're really seeing the start of a 'plug-and-play' era where you don't have to be a high priest to start using these enterprise-level technologies. Anyone can do it!

Can you tell us more about yourself and your industry experience?

Ghose—I spent 10 years training and supporting SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys users on the East Coast before moving to GrabCAD under the Stratasys' Software Division. I've helped customers in Medical, Consumer Products, and Education get more out of 3D printing, and once even 3D printed my wife's Christmas gift. I am both personally and professionally passionate about 3D printing, and am happy to talk with FATHOM and its customers about the GrabCAD Print software.

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