Concept to 3D Print to Injection Mold

Made in USA, 100% recycled plastic, and safe — three, two, one, blast off! That's "Rocket"  from Green Toys. From submarines and tugboats to airplanes and rocket ships, these toys are just as earth-friendly as they are fun. How did FATHOM have a hand in these great toys made from curbside collected plastics? Green Toys needed a couple of astronauts to accompany their rocket ship toy set. From a rough clay model and form sketches to 3D CAD modeling, FATHOM created a 3D printed injection mold tool to create realistic prototypes in HDPE.

By leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, the Green Toys team was able to bring their idea to life for lower costs and faster lead-time compared to traditional methods.

Check out the video below, then visit to get your very own Astro Boy!