Agilus30 for Stratasys Machine Owners

The Agilus30 family of PolyJet-based materials by Stratasys, made up of Agilus30 Clear and Agilus30 Black, was created for designers and engineers that need to simulate flexible or rubber materials. The materials enable greater freedom to handle and test flexible parts and prototypes while delivering superior accuracy, fine details, and enhanced product realism. In this featured blog post, we've answered our machine owners' most frequently asked questions about using Agilus30.


Do I need to upgrade my 3D printer to print SUP706 with Agilus30 materials?

If your 3D printer software is one of those mentioned below, then you do not need an update—these versions support both SUP706 and Agilus30. But if you do not have one the software versions below, a software upgrade and technical on-site visit is required to run the material.

  • Embedded Software Version 29.2 /38.2/58.2

  • Objet Studio Version

Can I replace TangoBlackPlus material with Agilus30 Black for same application?

Yes, Agilus30 offers even better durability, tear resistance, and aesthetic parts—an excellent choice for modeling delicate parts that undergo repeated flexing and bending.

Can I continue using Tango materials?

Yes. Stratasys does not currently have plans to stop the availability of Tango materials.

Does Agilus30 print with SUP706 soluble support completely hands-free? Is SUP706 the only support I can use with Agilus30?

We recommend manually removing large portions of support material first, and then dip it in the alkaline solution bath to speed up the support removal process. Machine operators can also use SUP705.

Is there a temperature effect on Agilus30 elasticity?

Yes, at room temperature, parts 3D printed with Agilus30 have optimal elasticity. At very low temperatures, parts might become stiff and brittle. Therefore, care and adequate precautions should be taken when packaging parts and models for shipping. Parts regain their original elasticity when warmed above 5 °C (41º F).


Can I order Agilus30 resin packs from FATHOM?

Yes, it is available for purchase on FATHOM’s online platform // On Demand Digital Manufacturing platform

FATHOM is a Diamond Partner of Stratasys who sells equipment to industry-leading companies through the West Coast. The team has also adopted FDM- and PolyJet-based technologies in-house as part of advanced manufacturing services for prototyping and production parts. Start a conversation today with a FATHOM expert to learn more.