Stratasys Global Manufacturing Network


The Stratasys team recently announced that its Global Manufacturing Network (GMN) now includes Italy, Korea, Mexico, and the United States. The program also makes its market-leading Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution (AICS) available to select members. Throughout the last decade, Stratasys has been working to further its development of unique cloud-enabled tools and pay-per-usage subscription services for its additive manufacturing equipment.

“FATHOM is very proud to make its dynamic advanced manufacturing solutions a part of Stratasys’ Global Manufacturing Network,” said Rich Stump, Principal and Co-Founder at FATHOM. “For this industry to grow beyond prototyping and into production, we need to work together in a meaningful way to drive the industry forward. Whether that is greater technology development, material advancement, or capacity utilization, we must partner up to overcome shared obstacles. Stratasys continues to demonstrate its thought leadership and the GMN network is a great example of companies coming together to grow the adoption of additive technologies further."

The expansion also includes Tecnologia & Design in Italy, Prometheus in Korea, and Tridi in Mexico. Today, GMN spans four continents as the largest globally connected network of 3D printing service providers, many of which possess ISO 9001, AS9100, and ISO 13485 certifications + ITAR registration.

“When we first launched the Global Manufacturing Network in 2003, our focus was software development and printer connectivity – building digital performance management efficiencies, global visibility and consistency for disparate factories delivering parts to customers around the world. Recognizing the power of our technology to reshore manufacturing across local economies and reduce carbon footprints, we’ve continued to grow this partner ecosystem while consistently proving the value,” said Jeff Hanson, Director, Global Manufacturing Network at Stratasys.

Global Manufacturing Network members are enabled by networked assets and backed by the capacity and expertise of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing (SDM). With access to virtually unlimited and comprehensive additive technologies and services, members can further scale their business and serve large orders on demand.