Inaugural UW 3D Printing Symposium

FATHOM Partners with UW Research Initiative for 3D Printing Forum

The University of Washington 3D Printing Symposium took place in mid-May, providing a forum for leading researchers and academics to discuss the latest developments in additive manufacturing and discuss what's next for the industry. The event was organized by the UW Strategic Research Initiative for Additive Manufacturing, an interdisciplinary effort between faculty in the College of Engineering and the Department of Chemistry (pictured below, the UW on-campus 3D printing makerspace).

FATHOM's Seattle Production Center was the venue for the Symposium's reception, hosting many UW students, prominent panelists, and industry thinkers.


Leading researchers in additive manufacturing, including FATHOM, presented their latest advances in 3D printing at the University of Washington’s inaugural event. FATHOM's Director of Research, Carlo Quiñonez, Ph.D., was invited to present an overview of the company's current research and development work, as well as to participate in a panel discussion about the future of 3D printing. Showcased innovations during the symposium included new polymeric material compositions, micro-architectured materials, art, architecture, medicine, prosthetics, and microfluidics.


Quiñonez's presentation at the 3D Printing Symposium featured his work on a 3D printable microfluidic hardware platform and desktop injection molding, as well as a preview of the FATHOM software development team's modern software infrastructure for additive manufacturing, which will manage workflows for more efficiently scaled 3D printing production.

Other panelists at the 3D Printing Symposium included prominent researchers from Boeing, the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, Virginia Tech, and Tethers Unlimited, a startup developing new 3D printable technologies for space missions.


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