FATHOM Branding // From Concept Consulting to Design to Production

We crafted an entirely new corporate and visual identity when transitioning from Kemeera to FATHOM. From concept consulting to design to production and everything in between, we are your one-stop partner for the entire process. Here’s a bit of the design process.

The pencil portrays our conceptual design capabilities. We research and analyze problems, discover opportunities and create strategic, innovative solutions. These services are most applicable in the early phases of a product’s development.

The hammer signifies our ability to build. We bring theoretical representations into a real and tangible state(typically through 3D printing), allowing the ideas to be understood and experienced in a rich sense.

The caliper symbolize our technical skills and attention to detail. We execute with efficiency and precision in all areas of product development; whether it’s servicing machines in the field, engineering and prototyping insanely intricate models, or creating badass graphic and packaging design comps. The calipers also form an ‘F’ for Fathom.

The olive wreath is a symbol of prize, victory and leadership, reflective of all our products and services. Embracing and balancing the other three ‘tool’ icons, the wreath forms a cohesive emblem that compliments our logotype and adds personality to the brand.

Carolina Aguirre