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FAQ // Engineering & Design

The Engineering & Design Team at FATHOM is a unique group of experts with industry-leading additive manufacturing experience. In this blog post, Derek Roedel answers the most frequently asked questions about his team of highly trained engineers and designers who are regularly contracted to support a company’s in-house design team throughout the product development process—from prototyping to production, they help teams use additive technologies in conjunction with traditional manufacturing methods to drive greater innovations.

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What does the Engineering & Design Team at FATHOM do?

The need for total design freedom and faster speeds in a product development and manufacturing processes is this team’s sole focus. Our dedicated group of engineers and designers are contracted by companies of all sizes who want to increase high-value collaboration throughout different stages in product development and expand its resources. Whether it is a single unit application or a design to be mass-produced, we are entirely focused on accelerating timelines and enabling greater innovation without compromising design intent.

What does the Engineering & Design Team ?

plug this team into any part of your process where you need support the most, whether that is for a single unit installation or a mass-produced product.

Is FATHOM’s Engineering & Design Team a design firm?

No, we are NOT a design firm. Actually, many of our customers include design firms. We are focused on the fabrication of a concept after a design firm or in-house design team has developed a concept. These types of groups leverage our expertise, problem=solving, and know-how to help them realize their ideas faster through rapid prototyping and accelerated manufacturing.

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