Stratasys Blogger Visits Fathom, Digital ABS Material Workshop

july 2 13.jpg
Stratasys team members discussed benefits and features of digital ABS materials with FATHOM guest during lunch break.

FATHOM recently hosted a digital ABS material workshop where San Francisco Bay Area-based guests learned about the many features and benefits of utilizing PolyJet Technology — excellent impact resistance and shock absorption, superior finish with smooth, glossy surfaces, and high heat resistance (up to 212°F). Digital ABS materials are also ideal for snap-fit builds, movable parts, and short-run injection molds.

Attendees focused on best practices and special techniques for building 3D parts using ABS digital materials (or photopolymers), usages and applications, injection molding and blow molding techniques, case studies, and how to overall get the best results. From simulating transparent rigid plastic to rubber-like plastics all in a single build cycle, Stratasys highlighted key benefits of using digital ABS materials for product development.

Check out video coverage of the digital ABS material event by Stratasys Blog Author Sam Green, plus, his personal tour of the Fathom studio with Principal Michelle Mihevc. Green toured our recently remodeled work space and its expansive collection of Objet Polyjet 3D Printers, Stratasys FDM 3D Printers, SLS, laser cutter, complete model shop, and product photography booth. The video also includes a peek at our custom-made chessboard prize given away at last month's RAPID event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.