Desktop Metal Installation

FATHOM has installed its Desktop Metal Studio System at its Oakland headquarters and our Applications Engineering Team is currently building sample parts to further assess the capabilities of the technology. They are rigorously examining the performance of the equipment and materials by running feasibility and validation tests, as we do with any technology to determine the practical application of it in today’s product development processes.

Always deepening our own hands-on expertise allows us to better help our customers bring innovative additive technologies in-house—all of the enterprise-level equipment we sell is also actively in use at our production centers in Oakland and Seattle. In 2017, the team announced an expanded product portfolio of metal-based additive equipment by signing a partner agreement with Desktop Metal. We also agreed to later adopt the technologies as part of our in-house advanced manufacturing solutions.

Desktop Metal’s Studio System began shipping in early 2018 and the Production System is scheduled to arrive in 2019. Both systems feature an innovative approach to fabricating metal parts faster, safer, and more cost effectively.

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