Student Donates to UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley Student and Make The Unmakeable Challenge Champion Donates Grand Prize 3D Printer to Student Club

Casey Rogers, Champion of the 2015 Make The Unmakeable Challenge, donated his grand prize 3D printer to the student-run 3D Modelling Club at UC Berkeley's Bechtel Engineering Center. Rogers, a founding member of the club, was eager for the group to start using a professional-grade system.

“The uPrint SE is a really incredible 3D printer and I’ll have to make sure to make the best possible use out of it," said Rogers. "I can't wait to see what kind of cool stuff my fellow club members can come up with.”

FATHOM delivered his prize on campus and helped the club install the uPrint SE, getting students up and running in a matter of minutes. Check out pictures, quotes, and select Casey Rogers interview excerpts from the grand prize presentation below! Read the story on and

The UC Berkeley Makerspace

"The UC Berkeley makerspace is relatively new, only formally established at the start of the Fall 2015 semester. We're currently seeking funding from the university to renovate the space with a desktop CNC mill, new furniture and a lot of other exciting things! Also our club members have the opportunity to network in Silicon Valley and the whole Bay Area."


"Our makerspace is kind of an interesting and unique group. We're about half Computer Science majors, half miscellaneous humanities majors—we've given a lot of people, including myself, a glimpse into this really exciting new technology that our curriculum and careers otherwise wouldn't have provided."

The Winning Design

"For this project I really tried to focus on creating something that leveraged the strengths of 3D printing, as opposed to just being printable. The organic branching structure and complex geometry of the arm reduces weight while maintaining strength but cannot be manufactured using traditional methods because of its intricate shape. I also used living hinges in the landing gear by leveraging 3D printing’s ability to print in multiple materials."

Horus Drone Gripper

"I first started working with additive technologies my freshman year at UC Berkeley via a 3D printing club on campus called 3DMC. Since then I’ve worked on countless projects. This past summer I had an internship with a 3D printing startup working with direct metal printers. I’ve done a lot of work designing 3D printing projects in Fusion, including designing the quadcopter universal gripper arm. Fusion’s robust support for imported meshes, relative to other CAD packages, was key in incorporating the gripper arm’s organic structure into my design."

Read the Q&A with Casey Rogers when FATHOM announced him as the winner of the third and final round of Make the Unmakeable Challenge.

Horus Drone

The Grand Prize

The uPrint SE is an industry favorite among designers, engineers, and educator. As the UC Berkeley makerspace's most robust system, the 3D printer SE will enable their undergrad team to create much more advanced high-quality prototypes and parts.

  • Build Size 203 x 152 x 152 mm (8 x 6 x 6 in)

  • Layer Thickness 0.254 mm (0.010 in)

  • Model Material ABSplus


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