Change Is Additive—Week of 4/21/2017

CHANGE IS ADDITIVE—A 3D Printing News Series by FATHOM

Renault's 3D Printed Concept Car, Intuitive AI, NASA's Additive Fabrics for Mission-Critical Suits, 3D Printing Airplane Parts

With so many weekly developments in a fast-changing industry like additive manufacturing, the headlines can really stack up. To cut through the clutter of 3D printing news, check out these staff picks of the week. What do you think is the most impactful development?

The Incredible Inventions of Intuitive AI

In this TED Talk, Futurist Maurice Conti asks, "What do you get when you give a design tool a digital nervous system?" He claims that computers improve our ability to think and imagine, and that robotic systems can come up with (and build) radical new designs for bridges, cars, drones and much more—all by themselves. 3D printing is a major component of this TED Talk, as Conti takes the viewer on a tour of the "Augmented Age" // Watch Video

Study Simplifies 4D Printing Process for Self-Assembling Objects

As covered by 3D Printing Industry and  featured in a previous issue of Change Is Additive, "4D printing" refers to the 3D printing of objects that have controlled and programmable functions, or are produced with certain future formations and reformations built into their structures. This study from Science Advances "proposes a simplified process of '4D printing' with the potential for applications in high-value manufacturing and consumer products, such as expanding heart stents, and flat-pack furniture that assembles itself" // Learn More // Watch Video

Futurecraft in Partnership with Carbon and adidas

In this video, adidas and Carbon showcase their Digital Light Synthesis technology, which aims to improve on the mass manufacturing model that is used in the production of nearly every sneaker line. Learn about their "previously impossible" midsole geometries // Watch Video

Etihad Airways Reduces Cost by 30% with Production 3D Printed Cabin Part

Etihad Airways Engineering has signed an agreement with Diehl Aerosystems to design, manufacture, and install an in-flight entertainment cover plate, its first production 3D printed plastic part for an aircraft cabin. Etihad claims that by 3D printing the cover plate, it can save up to 30 percent on costs, and avoid any permanent modification to the existing seat. Etihad Airways Engineering is the first airline maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) provider to receive European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approval to design, certify, manufacture, and fly 3D printed aircraft cabin parts printed with what appears to be ULTEM 9085 plastic // Read More

3D Printed Aircraft Components

NASA Research into 3D Printed Space Fabrics for Missions

NASA is developing "space fabrics" that they claim could potentially be used for a host of applications, including flexible antennae, spacesuits, spacecraft shielding, and countless others. The prototypes created by Systems Engineer Raul Polit Casillas appear to mimic traditional chain mail in appearance, but include much more complexity in design. "We call it '4-D printing' because we can print both the geometry and the function of these materials," said Polit Casillas. "If 20th century manufacturing was driven by mass production, then this is the mass production of functions " // Read More

3D Print NASA

Renault's RS 2027 Vision F1 Concept Racer Features 3D Printed Cockpit

French automaker Renault has used the Auto Shanghai event to showcase its R.S. 2027 Vision, a design concept for a Formula 1 racing vehicle. Including an entirely 3D printed cockpit, the car boasts a feather-light weight of 1,300 lbs. and top-end power of 1,300 horsepower // Read More

3D Print Renault

Upcoming Industry Event—RAPID 2017

RAPID is just next month and this year’s marks the first in collaboration with TCT. The event will be held on May 8 through 11 in Pittsburgh! FATHOM will be in attendance, exploring the latest in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. See you there?? // Read More

3D Printing RAPID

3D Scanned Fossils for Download

A full database of 3D scanned fossils are available for download and 3D printing, from Britain’s GB3D Type Fossils Online project // Download

3D Printing Fossils

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