Change Is Additive—Week of 7/28/2017

CHANGE IS ADDITIVE—A 3D Printing News Series by FATHOM

US Navy 3D Printing an Entire Submarine Hull, Disney Additively Creating Flexible Robots, 3D Printing Surpassing Early Hype, Shark Week Mystery Solving and *Fintastic* 3D Printable Downloads

With so many weekly developments in a fast-changing industry like additive manufacturing, the headlines can really stack up. To cut through the clutter of 3D printing news, check out these staff picks of the week. What do you think is the most impactful development?

Navy 3D Prints an Entire Submarine Hull

The U.S. Navy partnered with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to 3D print its first submersible that could be used to deploy logistics capabilities and sensors // Watch Video

Disney Research Develops 3D Printing Flexible, Compliant Mechanisms

Entertainment giant Disney has been at the forefront of research for 3D printing and soft robotics, filing patents for a support-free resin 3D printing method, an anti-scanning material to protect its toys, and working towards creating 3D printed soft robots for its theme parks // Watch Video // Read More

3D Printing NASDAQ

According to NASDAQ, 3D Printing is Quietly Thriving

According to a recent article from NASDAQ, while the market for cheap home printers never materialized, the potential for 3D technology remains enormous. A recent IDC report indicates that the 3D printing market is expected to reach nearly $29 billion by 2020, with a majority of global revenue growth originating in discrete manufacturing // Read More

3D Printing Shark

MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) is a nonprofit oceanographic research center located up the coast from the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. In pursuit of solving a decades old mystery of Great White Shark migration patterns, a group of researchers from MBARI approached FATHOM recently with prototype and production needs, aiming to create an innovative “event-triggered” video capture device to be used on sharks off the coast of California // Read More

3D Printing Phytec

Dragonfly 2020 3D Printer Transforms PCB Production

PHYTEC, a leading embedded systems developer based in Germany, was to one of the first recipients of a DragonFly 2020 3D printer. A new video demonstrates how 3D printing is integrated within PHYTEC’s product development cycle. Nano Dimension shows how the 3D-printed electronics have helped ramp up prototyping efforts for on-demand PCBs // Read More


Low Poly Shark Wall Trophy

If you’re looking for something to print while enjoying Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, look no further! This bite-size print should be achievable on most hobbyist-level 3D printers // Download


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