Change Is Additive—Week of 11/25/16

CHANGE IS ADDITIVE—A 3D Printing News Series by FATHOM

Zero-Gravity Metal 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing for Home Foundations, Creating Physical Replicas of Paintings for the Visually Impaired, Reopening Cold Cases

With so many weekly developments in a fast-changing industry like additive manufacturing, the headlines can really stack up. To cut through the clutter of 3D printing news, check out these staff picks of the week. What do you think is the most impactful development?

3D Printed Foundations for Homes

3D printing homes in the United States? A new partnership between construction company Sunconomy and Russian 3D printing company Apis Cor claims that their 3D printing construction system can build a domicile within about a single day. The Apis Cor machine pictured above consumes relatively little energy and produces little waste to comparable methods of construction // Read More // Watch Video

Reopening Cold Cases Thanks to 3D Printing

Forensic artists at the University of South Florida are using 3D printing to recreate skulls related to unsolved cases. The skull structures are combined with clay to recreate the faces of missing people // Read More // Watch Video

3D Printing Physical Representations of Famous Artworks for the Visually Impaired

"The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt is considered "one of the most prized paintings in Europe," and now its exhibition includes a 3D printed recreation for the visually impaired. The Belvedere Museum in Vienna applied a greyscaled texture to the famous work of art, and 3D printed the result, allowing people without sight to experience the piece firsthand // Read More // Watch Video

Zero-Gravity Metal 3D Printing System for the International Space Station Space

The International Space Station's Additive Manufacturing Facility may soon include a metal 3D printer that can operate in zero-gravity environments. A team of researchers from the University of Birmingham in the UK have developed a metal 3D printer that is being tested on the European Space Agency's zero-gravity simulator, and team members say the printer is meant primarily for more long-term space missions. To overcome the weightlessness experience in zero-gravity, the Birmingham team created a printer that uses aluminum wire instead of powders, heating the wire to just above its melting point and extruding it in a controlled manner, with the wire fusing together due to surface tension // Read More

Metal 3D Printing NASA

Commissioned 3D Printed Art at London Design Museum

London's Design Museum is set to reopen this week, featuring a number of works commissioned by global 3D printing company Stratasys. The main exhibit, titled "Fear and Love," includes a series of pieces from MIT researcher and 3D printing innovator Neri Oxman that were created for her ongoing project "The New Ancient" // Read More

3D Printing London Design Museum


Thanksgiving Download—Wishbones

If your Thanksgiving is all-vegetarian, or you just want to spread a little extra luck, this fully 3D printable wishbone is ready for download // Read More

3D Printing Wishbone

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