3D Printed Bowl for Calibowl // FATHOM Product Design Project

The idea for these non-spill bowls came to calibowl founder, Jeff Bollengier, while he was doing his favorite thing, surfing in Baja, Mexico. While eating chips on the beach, he struggled to keep the salsa from spilling over the side of the bowl. That’s when the idea struck him: there had to be a better bowl designed to contain food, not spill it.

Jeff soon thereafter partnered with Rich Stump, FATHOM’s founder, and our team helped bring the calibowl to life. Over the past year, Fathom has lead the product design efforts for this line of non-spill bowls, as well as the branding and packaging.

With huge retail success and users of all ability types, including dexterity-impaired patients and young children, calibowl is a perfect example of successful universal design. These revolutionary bowls have won numerous awards for design, sustainability and reshoring efforts, and have created a new standard for bowls everywhere.

Carolina Aguirre