Autodesk Introduces Forge Initiative

The FATHOM team is excited that Autodesk, Inc. introduced Forge this week, an initiative to accelerate a cloud connected ecosystem in support of the "future of making things." The initiative consists of three major components (platform-as-a-service offering, $100 million investment fund, and developer conference) and is geared toward advancing the next wave of innovative technologies that will transform how products are designed, made and used. The Forge Initiative also includes a partner program for highly motivated innovators to work closely with Autodesk. Forge partners collaborate closely with Autodesk on the use of its cloud platforms in order to maximize the services and design experience offered by the Autodesk Product Innovation Platform. Six inaugural partners include BriteHub, Proto Labs, FATHOM, 100kGarages, MakeTime and HWTrek.

The new services generated by the Forge Initiative will support Autodesk’s Product Innovation Platform, creating a connected system for manufacturing professionals to drive the next generation of physical goods.

Read the Official Announcement on Autodesk

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