#AUDesignChallenge Winner Anne Pauley

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Congratulations to FATHOMer Anne Pauley for winning first place in a recent, 4-week-long challenge hosted by Autodesk. The software company looked to its Fusion 360 and Inventor community to design a functional piece of furniture (using only plywood) that could be packed flat. Click thru to learn more about the challenge and Pauley’s design, as well as the second and third place winners.

Read More About the Challenge // Autodesk’s Inventor Blog

Pauley’s creative thinking earned her a trip to Autodesk University and a full pass to the conference. She was also recognized during the AU Design & Manufacturing award ceremony. In the video below, Pauley was interviewed by Luke Mihelcic and James Herzing of Autodesk.

Anne Pauley is a mechanical engineer at FATHOM in Oakland CA, where she works with a group of engineers and designers that support clients throughout the product development process from prototyping to production.

Prior to FATHOM, Pauley completed an internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando where she worked on mechanical design with the Animation Systems team focused on animatronic figures for its theme parks. She also interned at Autodesk Pier 9 developing CAD and CAM for sample parts by way of additive and subtractive manufacturing processes.  Pauley graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2018 from Penn State University, where she also received a BS in Mechanical Engineering and BA in Music.