Increase Manufacturability & Function

TerraBaby, founded by two young parents looking for a better alternative to kids’ mealtime, focuses on modular design, eco-friendly materials, and easy storage to improve the entire meal experience for the whole family. With their core idea well-developed, Kshama and Ravi Mehra, TerraBaby’s two co-founders, approached FATHOM needing aesthetic models for marketing photos and some concept development work for their first product—Appetit.

Combining Technologies & Services for Improved Design

FATHOM’s team prepared casting and tooling quotes for TerraBaby, helping them to finalize the scope of their initial product run and decide the part quantities right for them at their stage in product development.

After deciding on quantities and the right technologies for Appetit in its early stages, FATHOM’s industrial design team helped improve the modular design for increased manufacturability and better fit and function. The Appetit product relies entirely on the joint fixtures that join the separate plate components, but attaining the proper tolerances between tight-fitting modules had proven to be a challenge in the initial stages of design. The FATHOM team optimized the joints for both manufacturability and function, helping to improve TerraBaby’s product in a short timeline and saving the young company from moving to production with a problematic design.

FATHOM created two urethane casted units for Appetit’s product photos, which were used to promote the brand on various channels while attracting investors.

Modular Plates Design

Appetit is now available for pre-order on the Appetit Kickstarter page and TerraBaby website.

Modular Plates Prototype

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