"Working Together is Success"

"We wanted to tell a story while demonstrating the unique capabilities of Objet500 Connex systems, such as its ability to print multiple parts in different materials in the same build cycle. "To achieve this build, the design team needed to create a CAD model that would allow the letters to appear sequentially during the build process, slowly revealing a quote by Henry Ford. First, we brought in a vector file and extruded each letter to a specific height, timing when each letter would appear. Then we framed the staggered letters it in a box. Next, the team opted for the Connex3 for its ability to print multi-materials in vivid colors. We chose a palette of color and created a gradient across the lettering.

"Our team chose this quote because it is a great reminder of our humble beginning, our unique company culture, and our recent growth."

Veronica De La Rosa, Industrial Designer

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." Henry Ford