3D Printing Babies (FOX News) // 3D Baby Model from Ultrasounds

PolyJet Technology

3D Babies co-owners Katie and Gerard Bessette made FOX news on January 24th for printing 3D models of babies from 3D ultrasounds — and that video footage of a 3D printer in action is from the FATHOM production center in Oakland, CA. That's right, the FATHOM team made national television last month!

Gerard looked to FATHOM as his direct digital manufacturer for 3D printing a CAD model of a baby in high resolution materials on a tight deadline. After careful review of the CAD file and material requirements, FATHOM helped Gerard achieve his desired result.

Using the Objet500 Connex system (shown in the FOX Business video clip), the FATHOM production center team 3D printed the design in an ABS-like material ideal for complex geometries, smooth surfaces, and high resolution (PolyJet Technology by Stratasys).

To learn more about other FATHOM case studies, visit the FATHOM digital library. To watch the Fox Business video clip, click here: http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/3102830625001/buy-a-3d-printed-copy-of-your-baby/#sp=show-clips

3D Babies uses 3D/4D ultrasound images (or even newborn baby pictures) to create an artistic representation of a baby. The team leverages the latest computer graphics software to build a CAD file for 3D printing.  3D Babies advises clients that for best results, schedule the 3D ultrasound during gestation weeks 23-32. Learn more at 3d-babies.com.