3D Printing 2015 Innovation Awards

Each year, the EDA’s East Bay Innovation Awards recognize and celebrate significant contributors to the East Bay's culture and legacy of innovation. On February 19, FATHOM went into the ceremony at Oakland’s Fox Theater as one of two finalists for the Advanced Manufacturing Award and emerged as the category’s 2015 winner. The Advanced Manufacturing Award acknowledges exceptional performance in activities that depend on the use and coordination of information, automation, computation, software, sensing and networking. The award also recognizes how companies make use of cutting-edge materials and emerging capabilities enabled by the physical and biological sciences to make existing products in new ways [source].

“We’re focused on looking at advanced technologies for manufacturing,” says Rich Stump, FATHOM’s Co-Founder and Principal, “and how it coexists with traditional manufacturing methods to come up with some really unique innovations for our customers that in turn will drive their innovation.”


In demonstration of FATHOM’s collective expertise in innovation and advanced technologies, the company designed and 3D printed ten exclusive trophies for the 2015 East Bay Innovation Awards. This marks the third consecutive year that FATHOM has participated as the trophy sponsor.

“We are extremely proud of these trophies,” Darien Louie, Executive Director at East Bay EDA, said of the 2014 trophies. “They are so symbolic of the partnerships across industry sectors that are so evident in the East Bay.”

This year, the trophies were 3D printed on the Objet500 Connex3 to take advantage of the machine’s multi-material PolyJet capabilities. The body of the trophy features a map of the East Bay in VeroWhite with a glossy finish to highlight the fine details of the topography, whereas other surfaces were finished in matte for a more subtle and artistic effect. The entire body assembly was encased in VeroClear to showcase an internal LED lighting system that builds upon 2014’s design (get more information on the 2015 trophy).


Rich Stump predicts: “Over the next 3-5 years, the East Bay is going to be very exciting with all the new start-ups and larger companies that are investing in innovation.”

Keith Carson, Chair of the East Bay EDA, makes a similar observation in the San Francisco Business Times. “We have all chosen to be in the East Bay because we value the diversity, resources and unique assets of our region and we strive to preserve the quality of life and opportunities that continue to attract more business and residents every day.”

Partnerships such as the one between FATHOM and the East Bay EDA represent more than the incredible growth and innovation taking place in the East Bay; they reflect the commitment of local businesses and organizations to creatively and sustainably improve the region in their own particular and impactful ways.

How can you contribute to this positive impact?

“Do something you’re passionate about,” advises Rich Stump. “At FATHOM, we truly live and breathe 3D technology for advanced manufacturing applications.”