“As an organization working to highlight the East Bay’s remarkable assets and advantages for innovative companies, East Bay EDA knew that the trophy had to reflect the innovative spirit and creative character of the region. Having a design company like FATHOM with 3D printing expertise was a perfect opportunity for East Bay EDA to demonstrate the power of partnership and collaboration available right here in our neighborhood. FATHOM’s immediate receptiveness to the concept and willingness to build on the inaugural effort in 2013 was just phenomenal.”

— Scott Peterson, Deputy Director at East Bay Economic Development Alliance

For a second year in a row, FATHOM took on the challenge of creating a unique trophy for the 2014 East Bay Innovation Awards hosted by East Bay EDA (Economic Development Alliance).


The team envisioned an illuminated 3D printed award that represented the winners’ innovative contributions to the community, as well as provide inspiration through FATHOM’s creativity and advanced manufacturing technologies.

FATHOM also included its technology partner, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, as a true demonstration of the collaborative culture among East Bay innovators and industry leaders.

Initial concepts were hand sketched then developed in CAD using Rhino modeling software. The internal electronic light assembly was modeled in SolidWorks. The team then combined the rough concepts and hosted the design on GrabCAD to include Lawrence Livermore National Labs scientists in the iteration process, leveraging each contributors’ expertise and strengths… Download PDF →

Carolina Aguirre