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FATHOM Acquires Proprietary Data Analytics Software for Digital Manufacturing —Company Continues to Invest in Business Intelligence Tools and Software Development

The FATHOM team is happy to announce its acquisition of a proprietary data analytics application software that retrieves, analyzes, and reports real-time additive manufacturing metrics.

“For the industry to take a step forward, major advancements in software must be made,” said Rich Stump, Co-Founder and Principal at FATHOM. “Having immediate access to this level of analysis enables data-driven decision-making that will increase performance, reduce costs, and bring these advanced technologies to scale.

“FATHOM is hard at work developing next-generation product data management (PDM) systems that will allow future engineers to analyze the manufacturing data of every part that is 3D printed,” said Carlo Quiñonez, FATHOM’s Director of Research.

Acquiring the software from Addimation, Inc. builds on FATHOM’s existing experience with software development for digital fabrication. In 2011, the company developed and launched SmartQuote, an online platform for quoting and ordering 3D printed parts.

“FATHOM is focused on pushing the industry forward by expanding our software capabilities,” said Michelle Mihevc, Co-Founder and Principal at FATHOM. “We were excited to partner with Addimation during development and are thrilled to have acquired the results of those efforts.”

Addimation, started by Karl D. D. Willis and Wesley Smith, was founded on a mission to solve the software challenges of additive manufacturing at scale.

“Our analytics solution helps improve production efficiency by providing visibility into the manufacturing process,” said Willis. “FATHOM has been amazing to work with because they share the same goal of scalability. We're delighted that FATHOM will be able to adopt our technology and take their production efficiency to new levels.”

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